Karina Quintanilla

Mayor of Palm Desert

“I endorse Gregg Akkerman for Palm Desert City Council, District 2.
Growing up in the Palm Desert area, he has seen the city’s growth and will be a worthy steward of its future.
Gregg comes from a family of Iowa farmers with deep roots in community service since arriving in the Coachella Valley in 1969 to pursue the California dream.
Raised in the Coachella Valley by a single parent, Gregg understands the need to support working families seeking better access to both childcare and eldercare. His experience will bring heightened awareness of neighborhood needs while serving to improve the city as a whole. Let’s give Gregg your vote.”

Democratic Women of the Desert

California Democratic Party

Van Tanner

Former Mayor of Palm Desert

“Gregg and I have served on the Palm Desert Parks and Recreation Commission and he’s shown that he has what it takes to move Palm Desert in the right direction as an elected Councilman.
I am endorsing Gregg also because he is advocating 5-district voting. He and I, and hopefully many others see the need to have equal representation throughout all of Palm Desert.
Vote for Gregg: he is more than capable to do the right thing for all residents.”

The Riverside County Democratic Party

Democrats of the Desert

Palm Desert Greens Democratic Club