Karina Quintanilla

Mayor of Palm Desert

“I endorse Dr. Gregg Akkerman for Palm Desert City Council, District 2.
Growing up in the Palm Desert area, he has seen the city’s growth and will be a worthy steward of its future.
Gregg comes from a family of Iowa farmers with deep roots in community service since arriving in the Coachella Valley in 1969 to pursue the California dream.
Raised in the Coachella Valley by a single parent, Gregg understands the need to support working families seeking better access to both childcare and eldercare. His experience will bring heightened awareness of neighborhood needs while serving to improve the city as a whole. Let’s give Gregg your vote.”

Humberto “Beto” Alvarez

Desert Sands Unified School District Board Member

“As a local school board member and elementary school principal, I enthusiastically endorse Dr. Gregg Akkerman for Palm Desert City Council District 2.
His background as a university professor and having a family comprised of several present and retired teachers in the Coachella Valley, make him keenly aware of the importance of education, respecting the values of families, and public safety in our schools and the surrounding communities. 
Gregg possesses the qualities of integrity, empathy, and visionary leadership that we seek in our elected representatives.  His collaborative approach to problem-solving and inclusive decision-making make him an ideal candidate to represent the diverse interest of Palm Desert.  
I encourage you to vote “Akkerman” by November 5.”

Democratic Women of the Desert

The Riverside County Democratic Party

Democrats of the Desert

Palm Desert Greens Democratic Club