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What Gregg Believes

I’m Dr. Gregg Akkerman and having grown up in the Palm Desert area I know its wonderful history, but I want to better prepare for the future with easier access to senior care, support for our schools and the arts, improved alternative public transportation, well-funded First Responders, solving the broken 2-district system, and choosing water conservation over wasteful surf parks.

Much of my career has been spent as a tenured university professor, self-employed business owner, musician, and author, where I honed communication and negotiation skills to navigate both professional and civic landscapes.

More recently, as a member of two city commissions (Civic Engagement and Parks and Recreation), I have contributed to the development of projects such as the new regional park and Lupine Plaza.

Additionally, my wife (a public-school teacher) and I have guided our two children through the completion of both public high school and college programs here in Palm Desert.

I also have the honor to be the primary care-giver to my 91-year-old mother, a retired teacher for the Desert Sands Unified School District.

Other commitments to Palm Desert include my memberships with the Living Desert Zoo, CREATE Center for the Arts, the Historical Society, and the Joslyn Center.

As your representative on the council, I look forward to applying my experience and vision to act progressively towards improving our beautiful city; but always with an eye for balanced budgets and common-sense tradition.