Gregg Akkerman

Your Best Choice for Experience and Hometown Values

The candidate for City Council with the best ideas for improving Palm Desert!

Having grown up in the Palm Desert area Gregg knows its wonderful history, but he wants to better prepare for the future with:

  • Better access to senior care
  • Support for our schools and arts
  • Alternative public transportation
  • Well-funded First Responders
  • A solution to the broken 2-district system
  • Water conservation instead of surf parks
  • Enforcing the current restrictions on short-term rentals

What Inspires Gregg's Campaign?

  • Keeping promises
  • Protecting Palm Desert’s future for his family and yours

These are some of the issues Gregg will fight for as your Palm Desert City Council member:

Mom baking
Assistance for Seniors and Caregivers!
Gregg (pictured with his Mom) knows what it's like to face the issues of senior care and will work to make sure our loved ones find solutions to better health and safety.
CV water
Water Conservation!
While some current council members prefer expensive and wasteful surf parks, Gregg Akkerman knows the best path to protecting our property values is to lead by example and conserve our precious resources.
1971 with Donkey Man (2)
Alternative Transportation!
Gregg has explored alternative transportation in Palm Desert since 1971 when he visited with Andy the Donkey Man where the Target shopping center is today. He'll keep investigating new options to get around town that are affordable and eco-friendly.
city districts
Five Voting Districts!
The current division of Palm Desert into one large and one small district is not sustainable and was the result of a settlement between lawyers. Gregg believes it's time to fix the mess and move to five equally sized districts, each with a representative on the City Council.

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