Dude, Simplify Your Life with These 5 Fashion Life Hacks (You Won’t Like #4)

Dude, Simplify Your Life with These 5 Fashion Life Hacks (You Won’t Like #4)

How much emotional and mental bandwidth do you have available for the really important stuff in your life?

Are you constantly wishing you had more time in the day? Even just a little bit?

What if I could give you back several minutes of each day that you are currently wasting on useless actions?

At the end of the year that extra time adds up to an ENTIRE DAY! How will you spend that extra day? What might you accomplish? It’s fun thinking about the possibilities (even though most of us would probably say, “Sleep!”).

Well, however you make use of your upcoming extra time, here are 5 awesome fashion hacks to simplify your life.

#1: Only Own 2 Types of Socks — Same Brand and Color

This one, simple life hack can have a profound impact if you’re trying to simplify your life. Get rid of  all the socks you own, and buy a new supply of just two lengths, but all the same color (black works best) and brand name. 

You will save swaths of time each week when it comes time to fold laundry and pick what to wear on your feet. No more sorting socks on the bed before putting them away. Just grab any two of the same length and you know you’re good to go.

Protips: by buying a big-name brand, you’ll be more likely to find replacements when needed; and keep a couple pair of white socks in the back of the drawer just in case.

#2: Buy Every Color of the Shirt You Like

A few years back I found a drop-needle T-shirt at JC Penny’s that I really liked. 

I happened to walk through the store later that week and the same shirt was on sale so I bought another in a different color. 

A few weeks later I found yet another color of the same shirt on a deep-discount sale rack.

It didn’t take long for me to collect 6 colors of that shirt, and I noticed how it made my life much simpler. I didn’t linger in front of the closet thinking about what shirt I would look good in. These days, I just grab a new color of my drop-needle T and I already know it’s a shirt that works for me. 

I have applied the same concept to long-sleeve dress shirts. I found one I like and now have 5 of them hanging in my closet.

#3: Simplify Your Life with a Reversible Belt

I used to have several belts laying around my bedroom. Casual, formal, black, brown — they start to add up. 

But since I discovered reversible belts, I’ve taken another step to simplify my life.

Get one that is black on one side and brown on the other and you’ll be set for most anything you need. Keep one other belt around as a backup and donate the rest.

#4: Shave Your Head!

Have you ever added up the time and expense that goes into your hair? Barbers, stylists, dye jobs, shampoo, conditioner, gel, Rogaine, brushes, combs, and grooming tools — we’re talking thousands of dollars (according to YouTube fitness guru Scooby Werkstatt).

And what about the incalculable amount of time you spend washing, drying, primping, combing, styling, trimming, and plucking your hair just to step outside and have a gust of wind make you need to start all over!

Reclaim all that time and money in one simple moment of grand rebellion — SHAVE YOUR HEAD!

I’ve been shaving my head for about a decade and it’s the single most time-saving act I’ve ever come across. Just the time I gain sleeping each morning instead of pimping out my hair makes it all worth it.

Sure, if you have a man-gorgeous head of hair like Jon Bon Jovi circa late 1980s, you’re wiser to ignore this suggestion, but for the rest of us, shaving the head is a major move towards living a simpler life.

#5: Say Goodbye to Shoe Laces!

Remember what a rite of passage it was as a kid to learn how to tie your shoe laces? These days parents have learned to simply slide some lace-less shoes on their little ones and get going. 

So, us grown-up Dudes should be doing the same thing. For years now I’ve only been wearing slip-on shoes and I’ll never go back. No more having to find a place to sit down or prop my foot on a sidewalk bench while I lace up a misbehaving lace.

Protip: I apply a similar concept to shoes as I do shirts. I find a few pair I like and buy a couple back-up pairs while they are sill in stock. When one pair wears out, I just pop open the new box, slip on my new shoes, and hit the streets.

Now that you’re about to simplify your life with these fashion-hacks, I hope you create something positive with newly available time and emotional bandwidth. Make it happen Dude!