Why Does My Wife…?

Why Does My Wife…?

25 Revelations About the Wonderful Woman You Married

Are you ready to finally understand what your wife is really thinking about in your marriage? Then this is the book for you!

Relationship expert and #1 best-selling author Gregg Akkerman provides the specifics to 25 revelations about your amazing wife. This book is for any man seeking “Best Husband Ever” status by learning how to interpret and react to his wonderful yet sometimes challenging wife.

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About the Book

If you want to be awarded “Best Husband Ever” status by your wife, then this may be the most important book you ever read, here’s why…

You will learn the 25 most-common questions a married man faces, divided into 3 simple categories:

1) Questions about your homelife marriage

2) Questions about your public marriage

3) Questions about your private marriage

But the hidden power of this book is that you’re instantly provided straight-forward, no-nonsense ANSWERS to deal with the biggest questions in your marriage!


  • Why does my wife…make everything an argument?
  • Why does my wife…not ask for my opinion?
  • Why does my wife…treat me like a child?
  • Why does my wife…spend money we don’t have?
  • Why does my wife…have other men for close friends?
  • Why does my wife…never show up on time?
  • Why does my wife…criticize me in front of others?
  • Why does my wife…treat intimacy like an item on the to-do list?
  • Why does my wife…think I’m cheating on her when I’m not?
  • Why does my wife…want to grow old with me?
  • …and many more!

You will love this book because of its lean, no B.S., conversational style with tell-it-like-it-is info that is immediately eye-opening.

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Series: Men’s Advice for New World Dudes, Book 4
Genre: Books for Men
Publication Year: 2019
Format: eBook and paperback
Length: 110 pages
ISBN: 9781080225477
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