Embracing Masculinity

Embracing Masculinity

The New Dating Rules for Classic Dudes Seeking Classy Women

Ready to make yourself more attractive to wonderful women? If you want to do so without sacrificing masculinity, then this may be the most important book you ever read!

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About the Book

Before reading any further, you need to know that this book is not for everyone. This isn’t one of those “pickup artist” books instructing you how to get over on vulnerable women. This is for stand-up Dudes who are tired of games and seeking deeper commitment. This is not about putting women down, it’s about raising men up. Sound good? Then keep reading.

Learn the 3 Pillars of Modern Dating Wisdom All Dudes Need to Know

FIRST, our most iconic male role models (John Wayne, Humphry Bogart, Elvis, Frank Sinatra, several Presidents) have all become potential targets to the new standards of behavior. How did that happen? It relates directly to the shockingly swift development of the powerful #MeToo movement. Suddenly, men of bad behavior from all walks of life found themselves accused and on the ropes. Every Dude had better understand how the rules of dating are now changed for the better in this era. Masculinity has evolved. Have you?

SECOND, nearly all dating starts with the simple act of FLIRTING, but can a Dude even flirt anymore these days? Absolutely, and this book walks you through it step-by-step with exactly what is acceptable and even downright charming to the modern woman. The rules may have changed, but in most ways they are better than ever!

THIRD, you’ll learn if women really prefer the rich, powerful, stylish, bad-boys and how us regular Dudes can compete head-to-head with any of them.

It’s Much More Than the Typical Dating Guides You’ve Seen


  • Exclusive secrets from women revealing what they’re not finding enough of in today’s men
  • How to eliminate most of the male competition when it comes to dating
  • Dozens of suggestions for updating your masculinity, not abandoning it
  • How a Dude with an Action Plan is virtually guaranteed to be more attractive to women
  • Say goodbye to dating insecurities and hello to a new approach to masculinity and dating like you’ve never seen before

This book is written for Dudes in a lean, no B.S. conversational style, but both men and women are finding it a powerfully eye-opening read.

Order your copy today and begin your awesome journey!

Series: Men’s Advice for New World Dudes, Book 1
Genre: Books for Men
Publication Year: 2019
Format: eBook and Paperback
Length: 92 pages
ISBN: 9781795272346
List Price: $3.99
eBook Price: $.99
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