Book Review of Ozzy Osbourne: I Am Ozzy

Book Review of Ozzy Osbourne: I Am Ozzy

Ozzy Has a Problem with Winged Animals!

I have been thrilled to see the slew of rock-star auto biographies coming out in recent years. It seems more of our aging rockers want you to enjoy their memories in print while they can still remember half of them, or at least make up some believable stories to fill in the blanks. Ozzy Osbourne has done the job about as well as any of his brethren and my hat is off to him. It is far more revealing than the release from Ozzy’s guitarist cohort Toni Iommi.

The vivid account he provides, sound effects and all, for the alcohol-induced, shotgun execution of his poor chickens is ludicrous, terrifying, and one of the funniest things I have read in quite a while (that should tell you something about my view of poultry and the food chain).

The Day the Shredding Guitar Music Died

I have heard various accounts of the tragic day guitarist Randy Rhodes died while on an Ozzy Osbourne tour but there is something very heart wrenching when the words come the singer himself. What he heard, saw, and smelled in the daze of awaking to a plane ripping into his bus and crashing nearby is beyond description and yet he does the account justice and holds little back.

Ozzy Osbourne Leaves You Still Wondering

The one area Ozzy does seem to pull his punches is giving you special insight concerning his actual talent as a singer, songwriter, and musician. No explanation is given for when he first began to be viewed (by himself or others) as a singer; let alone what he did to improve his craft in the early years.

He describes much of his early attempts at being in bands as half-hearted failures and then all of the sudden, he records with Black Sabbath and his voice is ready for big-time rock and roll. There are several steps of his vocal growth he simply doesn’t reveal or perhaps even understand for himself.

Overall, an excellent telling of opulence, determination, and damned good luck.

I rate it…4 Rock-Stars out of 5!

Check it out from your local library or purchase a copy through this link.