Greetings Wonderful People!


  • Articles about trimming the perfect hipster beard
  • Any references to pop stars named Justin


  • Great stuff for living an awesome life
  • Pride in being the awesome person you are, without worrying about all the a-holes trying to harsh your mellow!

How’s that sound to you?

Let’s get it on!

~Gregg Akkerman

Gregg Akkerman and Kathy

Obligatory Author Biography

Relationship expert Dr. Gregg Akkerman is the author of multiple #1 best-selling books and the creator of GreggAkkerman.com, a blog devoted to providing advice for regular folks seeking an awesome life.

His own life used to be less awesome.

Gregg worked for years in academia, dealing with the daily drill of committee meetings, grading papers, and publishing articles that even bored him to death.

He decided to quit his job, get rid of everything that didn’t fit in his 2-seater car, and return to his native southern California.

He soon got his groove back and began living the life he always envisioned for himself as a young man.

Gregg eventually married his childhood crush, Kathy, and started writing books he truly cares about.

Things are immensely more awesome for him now.

Some personal info:

  • Tea instead of coffee
  • Dogs instead of cats
  • Star Trek instead of Star Wars
  • Mary Ann instead of Ginger
  • Heat instead of cold
  • Dark chocolate instead of the other kinds
  • Led Zeppelin instead of all the above